Miss Cocktail – Infusion Enthusiasm

June 1, 2010

Infusion seems to be the rage again this summer, most likely because it is both versatile and extremely simple to do. All that is needed is an airtight container, fruit and spices and some alcohol.

This is especially nice if you have a remnant bottle at the end of a party. We recommend vodka, rum and tequila – though some have had success with brandy and gin. For variety use several smaller jars and make this an experiment in fruit and spice blending.

Let’s say you like cranberries and strawberries. Get some fresh fruit and cut it in half. Fill a jar about halfway full of fruit then fill remainder with vodka (give about a 1/4 inch on top for breathing). Let it sit at room temperature for about a week. After about 4-7 days, your spirit should have the distinct flavor of the fruit embedded in its own.

On the hotter side (this is especially good with tequila), you can add 2-3 jalapeño peppers, 1/4 bell pepper and a tiny bit of a habanera pepper. When serving rub the rim of the glass with garlic then salt (looks cool in shot glass).

Infusions can be enjoyed on their own or in a mixed drink. Don’t be afraid to combine with favorite mixers and modifiers like tonic water, club soda, grenadine, sour mix, Bloody Mary mix and simple sugar.

(Photo: rogiro/Flickr Creative Commons)

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