All-American Cocktails

June 21, 2010

Tight shot of bouquet of red, white and blue flowers.America. The very word conjures up images of grand canyons, Rock ‘N Roll, and Hollywood — and Bourbon. That’s right, Bourbon. Congress passed an act declaring it America’s official drink, as well it should be. But for those of us whose tastes run a little sweeter might we suggest the southern states’ very own Southern Comfort.

To get in the spirit of July, the month that gave birth to the good ‘ol United States, we suggest you stock up on these amber-colored liquors, and get ready to enjoy a taste of the real America.

Blue Grass Cocktail
Strike up the band and whip up this drink

Southern Kiss
Get smooched by this sumptuous Southern sweetheart

Bourbon Rose
By any other name it’s just as sweet

Fast to make but goes down slow

American Sweetheart
Everyone’s favorite at a picnic or ballgame

Sweet & Tangy
Pucker up for the taste of this original

American Cobbler
It’s right up there with Mom and apple pie

[Photo credit: Jim Brickett]

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