Destinations with a Twist – Libations from the Deep

August 4, 2010

Florida cocktailFlorida. Home of the hurricanes, shark feedings, and theme parks. Miss Cocktail was looking for a way to include all three in a feature and on a recent visit to Hawk’s Cay it came to us: how about a story on drinks from the deep? Great idea, since the Florida Keys has some of the best beverages this side of Continental Divide. We also included a few other perennial favorites from the Sunshine State, all inspired by the oceans that surround Florida. And, because we didn’t want to leave our international readers out, we threw in a drink from abroad to round out the list. Bottoms up!

The Abyss
Orlando, Florida USA

Barracuda Bite
Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Coral Rita
Orlando, Florida USA

Hurricane Carolyne
Marathon, Florida USA

Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Octopus Juice
Orlando, Florida USA

Reef Runner
Orlando, Florida USA

Sea Horse
Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Shark Bite
Palm Beach, Florida USA

Tidal Wave
Melbourne, Australia

[Photo credit: Lou]

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