Gotta Have It – Hennessy’s “Very Special” Flask Sleeve

August 26, 2010

Hennessy knows and understands its patrons’ need to be bold, standout individuals. And to prove it they’ve created first-ever flagon dressing that lets your personal style shine.

The limited edition Hennessy V.S flask sleeve protected by a vibrantly colored silicon “skin” holds 200ml of the smooth spirit. Its slim profile, light weight and ingenious opening system (the sleeve does not need to be removed during consumption) is only part of the reason you need this product.

It is its collection of colors that pushes this item from sneaky stash to bold fashion accessory. This season’s hues include a red, black, purple and green that complement and promote your individual style. And even better, these colorful silicon sleeves are interchangeable, extremely durable and reusable.

The unique flasks may also make a great gift for the “Very Special” person in your life. Look for these flasks at your local spirits stores. They have a suggested retail price of $12.99 each or as a gift pack of four for $50.00.

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