Miss Cocktail – Emmy Award Party Cocktails

August 27, 2010

Sunday’s Emmy Awards is a great excuse to invite some friends over and toast last season’s entertainment. Might we suggest a few cocktails to get the party started? In full disclosure, some of these drinks have simply been renamed to better fit the occasion. But they are so good we think you’ll forgive us.

Glee is set in a high school so perhaps a non-alcoholic round for the dance choir. The Regionals Star Sparkler uses antioxidant rich, acai juice to provides a little zing. But if you run with the other crowd, feel free to spike this sparkler with 1 ½ oz of VeeV, an acai spirit.

In the true character of Mad Men, the next drink to try is a Draker Sidecar based on the Camus Cognac Sidecar, one of the most classic cocktails around. Yes, Camus was around in the 60’s.

For 30 Rock hold the ice and serve the Xanté Neat a la Liz Lemon. And in true Liz Lemon form this sipper is for the lazy drinker. Can’t figure out the way to open up the cocktail shaker? Who cares? The Swedish pear liqueur tastes absolutely fabulous straight from the bottle.

When celebrating one of the most-talked about series finales in recent years, you need a very serious drink. So in honor of Lost we’ve got a punch – the Flor de Cana Oceana 815 – perfect for entertaining at your house, local pool, deserted island – wherever. Spoiler alert: this mixture tastes best when left alone overnight.

The specialty cocktail for the True Blood fans – like the vamps that they adore – had to be a drink that is mysterious, misunderstood, and little bit naughty. And we couldn’t resist choosing a fresh version of the Bloody Mary. The Lucid Bloody Mary is practically a meal and is just the cocktail you’ll want to sink your – um – teeth into.

The Good Wife Mule seemed the best way to represent this Emmy newbie. And yes, this is a blatant name trade on the Moscow Mule if your standard vodka is Russian Standard. As any public figure, rocked with a sex and corruption scandal knows, there’s nothing like a stiff drink to take the edge off.

No matter if your favorite show wins the Emmy, just having a namesake drink to help celebrate should be enough. Really.

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