Labor Day Libations – A Toast to the Co-worker

September 2, 2010

You work hard. And in honor of the American Labor Day holiday, here’s a salute to you and your co-workers.

From the beloved micromanager to the shameless self-promoter, it’s easy to match a cocktail to each personality.

You’ll probably recognize at least one of the employee “types” in this list. May you’ll identify yourself.

Did I miss any? The comments are open.

The Robot – Pain Killer
The Micromanager – Bloody Mary
The Softy – Mimosa
The Weasel – Sloe Screw Against the Wall in the Dark Side of Mexico City
The Hottie – Screaming Orgasm
The Futurist – Old Fashioned
The Middle Manager – Pousse Cafe
The Viper – Screwdriver
The Buddy – Lite beer
The Miracle – Sangria Bianca
The Self Promoter – Tanqueray & Tonic
The Patronizer – Brandy neat
The Bridge Builder – Margarita
The Narcisist – Fuzzy Naval

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