Seasonal Sippers – Florida Citrus

September 8, 2010

Fresh fruit always makes better cocktails. And starting in October, Florida Citrus season is on.

What kind should you look for when mixing? In oranges there’s no question, it’s Valencia. These oranges are not good for peel-and-eating, but contain the sweetest full-flavored juices. The best way to juice them is at room temperature, sliced in half and squeezed with an orange press. Watch for seeds.

Ruby red grapefruit are our favorite when mixing sweet drinks but if your looking for something tart stick to the white varieties.

If you’re garnishing you may want to use blood orange, pink lemons or flame grapefruit variety. Kumquats and mandarin oranges are also fun to drop into or drape on a glass.

So if you’re picking oranges off the tree, try mixing them with these sweet sipper recipes.

1960s Orange Blossom

Orange Drop

Orange Revolution

Darlene’s Favorite


Passion Drink


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