Miss Cocktail – Passion for Hawaii’s Big Island

September 17, 2010

On day one of what promises to be a very thorough visit of Hawaii’s Big Island, Miss Cocktail was hot on the trail of the mysterious Lilikoi cocktail mix.

I know what you’re thinking, the Big Island? Really, Miss Cocktail?

You bet. Out here in the wilds of the Aloha State is where you find the freshest Kona coffee, some of the best darn macadamia nuts on earth, liquid lava flows, temples to the Hawaiian gods and the tangy passion fruit syrup known as Lilikoi.

Pinpointing this potion has been quite a feat. We first heard about Lilikoi when a reader asked for recipes and where to buy more. We can do one better: we also have the recipe for a reasonable substitute, our tangy passion fruit syrup. Though not perfect, it will at least tide you over until the Big Island Bamboo Lilikoi cocktail mix comes in the mail.

Why not join us in tipping back one of these authentic passion fruit drinks, a toast to the real Hawaii. Aloha!

Absolut Passionate Screw
Bamboozled Iced Tea
Classic Mai Tai
Hula Girl
Lazy Gecko
Lili Mojito
Lilikoi Margarita
Lilikoi Martini

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