Smoking Bishop a la Ebenezer Scrooge

December 13, 2010

1 750 ml bottle red wine
1 750 ml bottle port
1/4 pound ultra-fine sugar
6 seville oranges OR 4 regular oranges and 1 grapefruit
whole cloves

Take six Seville oranges and bake them at 325 degrees until pale brown. If you cannot procure any bitter Seville oranges, use four regular oranges and one large grapefruit. Pierce the skin of each of the citrus with five whole cloves, put them into a crock-pot or warmed ceramic or glass vessel with one-quarter pound of sugar and a bottle of red wine. Cover and leave it in a warm place for 24 hours. Take the oranges out of the mixture, cut in half and squeeze the juice, then pour the juice back into the wine. Save skins. Pour the mixture into a saucepan through a sieve, add a bottle of port, heat (without boiling), and serve in warmed glasses. Garnish with slices of citrus skins.

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