Cocktails for a cruise

July 23, 2011

Miss Cocktail is headed out to sea on the Nickelodeon at Sea free-style cruise along the Western Mediterranean with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

This is a complete guilty pleasure cruise for me. And I am taking someone special. But I am worried that I’ll get shipwrecked with jetlag or seasickness, yikes!

NCL Epic LoungeWouldn’t that completely ruin my reputation as a party expert?

But a little research had me feeling good almost immediately. Yeah, I know the trick to avoiding both problems is drinking water, water, water. And keeping to an eating schedule is important too.

But I’ll be in Europe, and it’ll be easier to stay up late – coming from the US. Late nights, party, party!

Here is my plan, and I think it will work.

During the day I will keep to the water. I will even give up my morning coffee, in favor of my evening misdeeds. I can be such a good girl. Sometimes.

I will save the nights for cocktails with absinthe, ginger and bitters. They are supposed to be effective stomach settlers. And if consumed in moderation will allow me to have fun, but still manage my jetlag and seasickness. I hope.

So it will be Sweet Manhattans, Death in the Afternoon and Dark and Stormies for me.
And a toast to Squidward Q. Tentacles, of course. He’s my favorite Nickelodeon character.

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