In the Mix: Fernet Branca

January 16, 2012

Fernet Branca is a famous Italian bitter, the founding spirit of the Fratelli Branca Distillerie and brain child of Bernardino Branca circa 1845. Its flavor is bold and overwhelming, but it is best known for its restorative qualities.

It can be sipped as a digestif after a rather heavy meal or in the morning after excess and indulgence to lessen your pain. And if you’ve ever tasted this bitter, aromatic spirit you would agree that it is a bit like a hair of the dog that bit you.

In San Francisco it has been enjoyed with a chaser of ginger beer since before prohibition, and in Argentina they mix it with coca-cola. Celebrated chef Fergus Henderson, of the St. John restaurant in London, created a drink known as both “Dr. Henderson” and “The Miracle” as a hangover cure.

We hope you will enjoy these restorative and intoxicating cocktails.

Bonita Applebum
Casey Brown
The Fernet
Fernet Alexander
Hansen Special
Jackson’s Night Cap
Villa De Verano

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