Valentine’s Day cocktails for love

January 25, 2012

Romantic cocktails are easy to find, but a reader wanted to know how to make it special.

Why not celebrate the holiday of love by mixing love potions together, in private. Just find a cozy spot, light some candles and set up your mixing glasses, ice and spirits. Make sure you have everything else you’ll need should things go as planned.

The drink shouldn’t be complicated. Choose something you don’t mind tasting from another’s lips. And name them after phrases of love.

If that sounds silly to you, look at the recipes we found to help make your Valentine’s Day everything you hope.

Addicted To Love
Afraid To Love
Am I A Fool For Loving You
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
I Love You Sweetheart
Love Junkie
Love Goddess
Old-Fashioned Love Song

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