Margarita Day madness with Herradura

February 15, 2012

On Wednesday, February 22, celebrate National Margarita Day in honor of the country’s number one – and your favorite – mixed drink.

Whether you are a purist hooked on its lemon-lime tang, or creative type mixing with jalapenos and passion fruit this is a holiday anyone can enjoy. Still we’d like to encourage you to take this drink to a new level so we asked Herradura to share a few delicious twists that showcase the diversity of the spirit.

So go ahead and serve it straight, smashed, frozen or on the rocks. Try a new flavor or stick to the classics. Though we’ll probably never know the origin of the margarita, we can celebrate it and the hundreds of variations created over the years.

Herradura French Margarita
Herradura Honey Suckle

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