Zombie Apocalypse Cocktails

June 4, 2012

Take a look at the news and you’ll see that Zombies are trending. We were so excited we dusted off the Don the Beachcomber mixing books and were ready. I mean, everybody knows that Don created the original zombie maker.

But the zombies in the high-profile media coverage were not this summer’s big blockbuster movie characters or a hot new band. All we found were multiple cases of some really messed up stuff and we’re afraid.

Yes, I said it, we’re afraid.

We’re afraid that people will forget the rapturous, anesthetizing, carefree feelings brought upon by the hand crafted cocktails of the Tiki generation for the lunatic behavior of some poorly drugged individuals.

So, the Zombie Apocalypse is making headlines and we’re jumping on the bandwagon to share our favorite cocktails in the hopes that you will mix these with friends and family and preserve the sanctity of the drink.

Flaming Zombie
Frozen Zombie
Redneck Zombie
Toxic Zombie
Zombie Bite
Zombie Slayer

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