Cucumber Chiller

May 2, 2013

Cucumber Cocktail

2 English cucumbers for juicing
small ice cubes
1 cup fresh mint leaves
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
2 fresh limes, quartered
4 oz vodka
2 oz Cointreau
club soda

To juice the cucumber, peel cucumber and quarter lengthwise. Scrape seeds out with a spoon. Puree in a food processor until smooth. Strain through a fine sieve, pressing on solids to extract as much liquid as possible.

In a large cocktail shaker squeeze juice from lime. Add mint, sugar, and remaining lime rind. Muddle with wooden spoon. Fill shaker with ice. Shake well. Add 6 oz cucumber juice, vodka, and Cointreau. Shake. Strain into glasses filled with cracked or crushed ice. Fill with club soda. Garnish each cocktail with cucumber spear and sprig of mint.

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