Yes, These Are Cocktails! The Top 5 Pre-mixed Drinks I Found in South Africa

There I was, perusing the drink options at the various establishments at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa, when I came across a product that caught my eye. Bottled cocktails? Pre-made to perfection? My American mind couldn’t comprehend, but sure enough, there they were––pre-mixed cocktails in bright, colorful packaging, just waiting for me to…

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Pomegranate Pink Tonic Mocktail Recipe––an Aperitif for People Who Hate Bitter

The pomegranate pink tonic mocktail looks cool. Let’s show it off! Tonics and aperitifs get a bad rap for their awful flavor and association with medicine. If you’re a drink, you stay away from medicine. Dr. Pepper still has it rough even now, with only medium-sized niches praising its perfect combination of 23 flavors. But…

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A Thousand Miles East to Omaha: a Story of Burgers and Ale

The wind blew, and I found myself cast a thousand miles east, having been lifted from the Salt Lake Valley and its sprawling mountain roots beneath the earth, landing among Omaha, Nebraska’s rolling hills. Culture is seeded here in clumps of arbitrary districts where like-minded individuals have gathered, evolving over decades into sects that have…

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South Africa’s Trendsetting St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail: Eye of the Hurricane

What’s a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail without the green dye? That’s the Eye of the Hurricane––an Irish-themed cocktail from South Africa. That’s not a place Americans would associate with Irish traditions like St. Patrick’s Day. But this little-known drink is gaining in fame.  Eye of the Hurricane is a bitter lemon and passion fruit flavor…

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