1911 Has Great Labels, Delicious Ciders and Might Just Replace Your Beer

Everyone has tried hard ciders, and chances are my impressions of them are shared among many: they are a tasty novelty, and you pick up a six-pack every few months just as a change of pace or to refresh your memory of their delicious sweetness. But perhaps too sweet to consume on a regular basis. Most people have a beer that is in generous supply in their fridge or a wine or a simple cocktail they have perfected over the years and can whip up a few times a week to unwind from a hard day’s work. Ciders usually come as an afterthought.

I never considered that ciders could eat into the weekly schedule that beers and cocktails have been comfortably nestled in. Then I tried 1911 with their creative flavors and an overwhelming variety of products: Shandy, Blueberry, and Hibiscus ciders. I’m tempted to put down my usual beer and take up this product as my go-to instead.

Plus, the cans are 16oz and clock in past 5% alcohol, making most casual beers look like glorified water.

The three flavors are outstanding, which burst with a sliding scale of sweetness and notes without burning out my palate, and they carry the impression of freshness and quality ingredients. Because they grow their apples and make their product on-site, it’s a brand encompassing an ethical, innovative, and culturally rich feel.

The bright colors of the cans elevate the mood. Even the labeling is a joy to experience. There’s a “Sweetness Scale” to know what to expect; a little info about the company; hilarious quotes; and, best of all, a declaration of ingredients and sourcing.

1911 Cider Labels and Sweetness Scales

After seeing 1911’s long list of accolades, I felt a little embarrassed that I never heard of them before. I’ve never been to New York nor a cider aficionado, so I hope I can get a pass. This is one of those beverages you can’t un-experience. Now that I’ve got a taste, I’m compelled to just go down their product list and order one (or a few) of everything.

With everything from ciders, to seltzers, to CBD, spirits, and wines, 1911 has a product line that could keep you busy for months without ordering the same thing twice. And after trying their ciders myself, I’m confident each of their products would taste great no matter what arrived on my porch.

I think it’s important for brands to grow more transparent in their production processes and to let their consumers know where their ingredients come from and how they are made. It seems like 1911 is ahead of the game. Not only do they do it well, but they have fun with it; the company doesn’t take itself too seriously. This just means that we, as consumers, get the opportunity to relax and have fun with them.