Best Mocktails in Philadelphia? There’s a Club For That

If you’re looking for the best mocktails in Philadelphia, you could head over to one of your favorite watering holes, or you could try the newest private club in town.

Tucked within a jungle of skyscrapers along the Schuylkill River, the Fitler Club has a lively social environment with an impressive drink list of craft mocktails.

The Fitler’s mixologists like to paint in bold strokes of ginger and cranberry. They also throw you for a curve with their resident pastry chef, who makes the perfect accompaniment to these nonalcoholic beverages.

Before we get to all that, I know what you’re thinking. The Fitler is a private club. You can have full access to the Fitler with a membership or an invitation from an existing member. However, there’s a secret way to get access to the Fitler, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

At the Fitler Club, they know you by name. As such, the services fit your desires to a T. When you order a mocktail, or even a cocktail, just give a brief description of what you’re looking for––they’ll mix up something delicious. I always take advantage of this personal service.

Ginger-Lemon Mocktail

The ginger-lemon mocktail (featured above) incorporates a seltzer body with housemade ginger and hibiscus syrups along with freshly squeezed lime juice. When I requested the drink, all I told them was that I was in the mood for ginger but wasn’t looking for anything alcoholic, and they provided.

Did I mention this wasn’t a formal request? While calling this drink over, I wasn’t sitting for a meal. I was in the middle of learning to make Babkas. I felt incredibly pampered.

Allow me to introduce our Babka instructor, Jeremy––a local pastry artist living in Philly. The process from start to finish was surprisingly easy and blissfully satisfying to spread the fillings. We could use a cinnamon-butter composite or your classic chocolate paste––both were smoother than Mont Blanc chestnut puree. As impatient as I am, the lack of baking time was a pleasant surprise for me. The final product didn’t disappoint as well.

The ginger mocktail saved me after having such a decadent dessert. However, it didn’t stop there since I had a tour of the entire campus. I called over another drink. For this drink, I simply asked for something fruity and with orange juice due to it being early in the day.

Orange Morning Time Mocktail

The orange morning time mocktail also had their house hibiscus syrup in addition to pineapple juice, lemon juice and the orange juice I asked for. They provide what I’m asking for, and that’s surprisingly hard to do.

Luxury establishments often go too crazy with exotic ingredients and unnecessary toppings or garnishes. For me, a man who likes his things simple, high quality, but simple, this is a barrier I often encounter. But here, that wasn’t an issue.

Where did the best mocktails in Philadelphia come from?

Jeff David, the club’s visionary president, gave us the tour of the club. I was taken aback by his expertise on the many club aspects. He was knowledgeable on every crevice of the property and knew every member he walked by. The interior looked like an upscale office combined with a 5-star hotel.

There was an abundance of amenities. I can’t even include the whole list. However, there were a few things that stood out. Upon entering, you’re greeted by a front desk directly across from the full-service gym and pool: complete with trainers. You’ll also find a multitude of different art pieces placed with precision making the entire campus an art gallery.

When you go upstairs, there’s a hotel meant for members’ visiting family and those who want to experience the club temporarily (i.e., you!). Each room is equipped with cocktail shakers and beverages free of charge. Down the hall is a private theater along with a restaurant and bar. Finally, tucked away at the end of the downstairs hallway is an arcade, bowling alley and game room.

Fitler’s central location in Philadelphia provides convenience to take advantage of all that the city has to offer, which makes it all the more worthwhile. Not to mention, you can transfer over to other social clubs. If you find yourself in Singapore, your membership will work with an equivalent club connected to Fitler.

What exactly is the Fitler Club?

The Fitler Club presents itself as a social office space––a way to get work done in an environment where you can make connections. And this idea has sold. Billionaires such as Mark Cuban have even invested in office suites. But if the Fitler Club is meant to be a social office space, why have all these amenities? With bowling, pools, complimentary cocktail shakers and arcades, this place sounds like it was made for vacation, not work!

According to Davis, it’s part of his vision for a more integrated work-play lifestyle. Instead of your work life and play life in two separate worlds, he wants to combine them to be nonbinary. He believes it’ll help with productivity and quality of living, and I agree.

This isn’t just a club: it’s a lifestyle. You are probably wondering how to join the club. You can book one of its 14 rooms online to stay at the property. All guest rooms come with club membership benefits. How do you think I got in?