Can You Make Cocktails with Kombucha? Is It Still Healthy?

I once tried some of my older brother’s homemade kombucha. He pulled it out from beneath his kitchen sink, and that should have been my first red flag. The floaty chunks should have been the second.

That was a common way to brew it a decade ago, but this flora-diverse and fizzy drink has come a long way since then. Now, we have flavors!

Let’s address the elephant in the room: if you put extra alcohol in kombucha, is it still good for you? I think that’s the wrong question because the answer is: it’s likely to carry the same health benefits, with diminishing returns after about 15% alcohol.

The better question is: is it better to use kombucha for mixers rather than traditional soda? I think this better exposes the heart of our intent because we are all going to be mixing drinks occasionally, and what we use as a base for our drinks will have varying effects on our health and conscience.

To be honest, anything is healthier than traditional soda. I haven’t been bought out by the big corporations (yet), so I can make that claim with confidence. Soft drinks are either high in processed sugars which are addictive and cause obesity, or high in sugar substitutes that have been historically stigmatized and whose research is spotty. Traditional sodas are also very acidic and can ruin your teeth and gut.

I know there is already around 1% alcohol content in kombucha, but I had never considered putting a shot of vodka into a glass of the gastrointestinal goodness until I found a recipe on GT’s website. I thought to myself, “Well, I’m already going to Hell, I might as well enjoy the ride down.” I ordered a few bottles from their site and went to town.

Getting good vibes with the lotus flowers on GT’s box

When you were a kid, did you ever read the cereal box while you ate breakfast? That’s what drinking GT’s kombucha is like. But instead of reading about how those rude kids stole Lucky’s charms, I was reading about kombucha’s origins, how GT’s got started, and their all-natural ingredients.

The seasonal ingredients produce aesthetic colors, making them just as tasty to look at as it is to drink them. By itself, GT’s kombucha is fizzy and fruity and, at times, contains the signature kombucha hint of cider vinegar. The rainbow colors of their seasonal batches are pleasant, and each of my bottles opened with a rush of fizz.

I tried several of GT’s recipes, and they were a lot of fun

Their 16oz bottles offered me plenty of source material to experiment with. I tried dark rum, vodka, and reposado tequila.

My favorite was the spiced rum. Something about the blend of the spices complemented each of GT’s kombucha drinks.

As I was tasting each bottle of kombucha, I thought they were a little sweet, but looking at the nutrition label showed a maximum of 16g of sugar. So it must have just been the fruit that GT’s uses to trick the palate, which I thought was very innovative.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Thanks for reading.

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