Canned Cocktails Can Have Quality Ingredients

Post Meridian is a canned cocktail company that delivers big taste in a little container. I tried five premixed drinks, and each was great

Emphasis on delicious since the market is saturated with cocktails in bottles, cans and bags, whose origins of ingredients are questionable at best. I was hesitant to go through a taste test for each of these alcoholic options in the slow march of trial-and-error because 1: it’s a lot of work, and 2: I’ve never had plasmapheresis. I’d prefer to avoid medical procedures because of blood poisoning from harmful additives, poor distilling processes or dangerous manufacturing shortcuts.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There is hope because it tastes like margarita and old fashions.

When my Post Meridian arrived, a still silence struck me. The cans were tiny, like miniature versions seen in the beer aisle for decades. Yet, holding these adorable containers made me feel like a giant. Bonus points for evoking surrealism.

My readers know that there are two things I appreciate in a cocktail as much as taste: clear instructions and accessible application of mixing the ingredients. PM has both––and in big letters to boot!

The only extra step required for PM’s cocktails, compared to other brands, is that it asks you to pour it over ice, but this a non-issue considering how many more of these adorable cans you can fit into a cooler or a pair of cargo pants than full-sized cans.

It’s a pleasure to sit back with an easy margarita and smoke pouring from my chimney.

I’ll tell you what, adding ice or a splash of water is somewhat necessary because even though this product is small, it’s concentrated and meant to be slightly diluted. Otherwise, if you drink it straight, it has a slightly syrupy texture.

The concentrated product is preferable because it allows me to customize the drink to fit my palate; I can fine-tune the sweetness and smoothness, while my buddy can drink his or hers to their preference.

Yet another great aspect is that the ingredients are printed on the label in big letters. I like knowing what I’m putting into my body, and I don’t like surprises. I felt nothing but confidence as I looked over each can reading which ingredient and how much to include––very smart choice, PM.

Even though they aren’t putting Grey Goose in their gimlet or Patron in their margarita, their alcohol quality is on point and fits their product perfectly.

Overall, I am really pleased with the cocktails, so pick up a box or have one sent right to your front door. As they say: it’s 5 pm (Post Meridian) somewhere.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Thanks for reading.