Keke’s Kickin’ Cocktails

Maybe it’s a winter thing. Maybe it’s a lime thing. We don’t know. But Keke Beach, a creamy liqueur from the Netherlands, has created quite a buzz – no pun intended – here at

Put simply, Keke has managed to bottle the essence of a summer day at the beach – the smell of tanning lotion, the aroma of salty mist, the gentle breezes. Make no mistake, there’s also an edge to this creamy concoction, as if you’re playing hooky and heading to the shore.

We won’t mince words: Keke scores a 97.5, the highest mark for a beverage in its category given by to date.

It’s even compelled us to post one of our favorite stories about touring the Florida Keys in search of the best libations.

All superlatives aside, Keke’s is a remarkably easy liqueur to enjoy, even when sampled straight. (Remember to chill, though – we can’t imagine drinking this stuff warm!) Use as an alternative to Cointreau or Triple Sec for a creamier Margarita or Daiquiri.

Bottom line: Keke’s makes a kickin’ cocktail.