Cinderella Is the Best Mocktail to Impress

The Cinderella is a drink/formula to entertain any group that needs impressing. It’s a mocktail blueprint that’s so malleable yet beginner-friendly, anyone could look like a professional while making it. Now, the name “Cinderella” may bring about images of pompous gatherings, bright colors and girls’ nights. But the appeal and appearance of this alcohol-free beverage…

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Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri: The Funnest Fruity Alcohol-Free Cocktail

The strawberry daiquiri is the culmination of everything fun in a cocktail. As such, its mocktail equivalent has big boots to fill. Do your kids want a non-alcoholic drink to match their parents? Or maybe you’ve gone sober, but those fond memories have you craving this beautifully blended, slightly nutty, mostly fruity strawberry beverage? Everyone…

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SOL Sky Bar Is Dubai’s Summer Mocktail Master

Mojitos, sangrias, punches––the most popular summer mocktails in Dubai. I tried each of these at SOL Sky Bar, a fun summer-themed rooftop bar with one of the friendliest bartending staff in Dubai. Wait, but it’s January, the depth of winter!  Dubai can provide a summer experience in the middle of winter. That’s why you’ll find…

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Beehive Distilling is the Creative Center for Gin in Utah

America is the beehive of the world. From this central hub of technology and culture, busy little bees come and go, pollinating the landscape with their talents and ideas. It’s a hive of individuals contributing to the whole. Diversity is what unites the States. Of all the spirits, gin embodies the American ideals of strength…

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Abu Dhabi’s Seaside Mocktail Paradise: The Beach House

These may be the best mocktail images I’ve taken in Abu Dhabi. Nay! The Beach House, the most lavish local seaside mocktail paradise I’ve found, may be host to the most beautiful zero-proof cocktails ever. Park Hyatt’s The Beach House spotlights the traditional Mediterranean flavors near Abu Dhabi’s seaside. Sweet mango with vibrant blackberry purée. A…

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How Does Laphroaig Taste? The Peaty Scotch Whiskey from Islay

Good whisky ages for years. Great whisky ages over the course of millennia. At the western edge of the windswept moors of Scotland, over white-tipped ocean waves that froth with every frigid winter’s wind, the island of Islay catches a salted mist cast by the sea. In its lowlands, primordial fields of dark earth have…

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