Perfect Scottsdale Overlook with This Lavish New Rooftop Bar!

Down in Scottsdale, the nightlife shines as one of its strong points attracting visitors from across the US. The closely located attractions and shopping centers allow for what seems like a journey to stay within a 2-mile walk. This convenience is a unique feature when compared to its neighboring cities in the Phoenix-metro area. Nestled near the middle of this paradise are the Hilton Canopy Scottsdale and its brand new modern rooftop bar. 

Taking its inspiration from its surroundings, the rooftop bar at the Hilton canopy is chic and inspired by the plethora of designer retailers in the area. The painted walls have a modern flair, and the spherical iridescent bulbs cast down a yellow hue, accentuating the dyed marble. Your bartender greets you and concocts your beverage at your forefront while striking a conversation and sharing experience in his profession. Each piece fits together for an experience custom-made for Scottsdale, a high-class affair, to say the least.

People tend to underestimate the aesthetic of Scottsdale. Down to the name, it reflects the image of Phoenix being a worker’s town surrounded by suburbia. To some extent, this is true, but that adds to the wonder, in my opinion. It’s like going to Houston then finding a little patch of downtown Orlando, and the Hilton Canopy overlooks it all. 

When we came over, we had to ask for the house specialties. The Prickle in Time incorporates the local fruit, the prickly pear, into a beautifully sour light red drink. There’s also the Scottsdale Jenny, which gives a deliciously tropical mango taste mixed with a subtle carrot undertone. It sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it does.

Both kids and adults are allowed on the rooftop, but the younger ones are relegated to the outlook area. Even though Scottsdale is stark in contrast with its encirclement of McMansions, it still has a consistent funneling of their inhabitants. As a result, hotels have to make accommodations for kids. For those coming in with children who still want to give these unique flavors a try—drinking at the bar while your kid takes advantage of the lookout seating is fine. 

Below are the cocktails we filmed at the Hilton Canopy. Each of them has its own recipe and image gallery. We recommend anyone in the area on vacation to come down and give it a try. If you’re still making reservations, make sure to go to to find pricing and availability details. Cheers!


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