Smooth Cava Antigua Sails to High Score

It’s not the handmade bottle that impressed us about Cava Antigua. Nor the rave reviews that this tequila has gotten – or even the fact that this impressive spirit is coming soon to the United States.

No, what compelled us to award Cava Antigua a score of 98.5 – one of the highest rated by – was that it is, indeed, one of the finest tequilas we’ve evaluated this year. From its caramel-like bouquet to its peppery palate, this import tops our list of sipping tequilas, though it also makes an outstanding margarita.

Cava Antigua is deposited into French barrels, made from the combination of special fine woods, where the tequila rests for six months before being bottled. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Cava Antigua is its smoothness. This isn’t the slamming tequila you might (or might not) remember from college. It is, instead, a very adult drink.