There’s a Deeper Meaning Behind King Spirits’ New Seafaring Labels

King Spirits is both inspired and inspiring. The boutique distiller recently released Hope Town and Walker’s Cay, two new labels with a lot going for them and the communities they support. 

When I taste the smoke of the Kentucky barrels used in its bourbon, or feel the chill of the South Carolina springs in its vodka, I’m reminded that simplicity and quality can produce superior spirits without forgetting about the people and communities who inspired them.

Even though these bottles are crafted in small batches, they’re making a big impact with each bottle. King Spirits currently partners with charitable organizations like Hope Town United, Green Turtle Cay Foundation, and the Restore Hope Foundation to help rebuild Caribbean communities when natural disasters strike. Careful sourcing of grains from the United States ensures a consistent product, while the more exotic ingredients are shipped in from the islands maintaining the soul of these liquors’ past. 

It’s all about attention to detail, too. Master marine artist and Jamaican native, Carey Chen, was sought out for the labels’ artwork to keep to the Caribbean theme. The clarity of the vodka is crystal, like the climbing waves of an untrodden beach. The amber of the bourbon is the echo of aged American Oak. Every promise made by Chen’s expert label design is fulfilled with each sip of King Spirit’s artisan grain alcohols. It complements them and, along with the Hope Town and Walker’s Cay names, represents their underlying mission.

Combined with a humanitarian heart, these qualities culminate in a brand that appreciates the nuances of its craft, history, and the human experiences that go into each glass. Here are two of my favorite recipes using their offerings:

The Carolina Mule


  • 1.5 oz Hope Town Lime Vodka
  • 6 oz Ginger Beer
  • Mint
  • Lime Wedges


Find yourself a 100% copper cup for the best and most classic taste. Then bruise 1-3 mint leaves at the bottom of the glass. If you don’t have a tool to bruise them, gently roll them between your finger and thumb a few times until they effervesce that savory mint smell, then drop them into the cup. Add a heap of ice. Pour Hopetown lime vodka and ginger beer, then garnish with a wedge or wheel of lime. Hopetown’s lime vodka is subtle and tastes of freshly squeezed fruit, not harsh or artificial, which makes the lime wedge purely for looks, or perhaps an extra tart kick for the adventurous.

It’s sweet, bubbly, aromatic, and refreshing for any time of the year.

A Relaxing Monday


  • 2 oz Walker’s Cay Kentucky Straight Bourbon
  • Sunshine
  • Porch


Pour the Walker’s Cay Kentucky Straight Bourbon into a clear glass. Ice or a splash of water is optional. Stand on your front porch and enjoy the view. Occasionally admire the glow of liquid amber in your hand. Finally, rest easy knowing you’ve accomplished all you can in a day. 

The taste is complex and oaky with hints of vanilla and fig. It finishes warm, not hot. Chocolate lingers like a velvet ribbon on the palate with a play of caramel, and finally a touch of spice.

Spencer Faerber is the spirits editor of Email your suggestions to [email protected].