These Healthy Vermont Mocktails Are Good As Gold

When it comes to mocktails, all that glitters is gold––at least in one Vermont town.

Brattleboro’s premier vegan eatery, SuperFresh!, has a lineup of specialty golden drinks, which are perfect for celebrating your health or just commemorating a special event.

Jessica Weston, the owner, has her own cookbook with recipes fit to empower any health-conscious home chef. She experiments with ingredients like date paste, honey and assortments of fresh fruits to keep the drinks hypoglycemic yet sweet as a milkshake.

All of Weston’s drinks are included in her latest guide, and some of them are so good that we just had to publish them here. For a creamy golden desert drink, there’s the Golden Goddess. But if you’re looking for a day-after recovery health drink, the Golden Mylk is for you.

Golden Goddess

This Indian-inspired beverage has the consistency of a mango lassi and sweetness of an ice cream sundae, all without sugar or cream. The base consists of coconut milk and frozen mangos, hence its resemblance to a lassi. To make it sweeter, date paste is added. Vanilla, turmeric and ginger are also included to deepen its flavor profile.

The Golden Goddess is one of SuperFresh!’s most popular drinks due to its health benefits and accessibility. Those with hyperglycemia-related diet restrictions can have a sugary tasting drink without worrying about overly high blood sugar levels. On the other end of things, many health-conscious customers come over for the super fresh ingredients.

Golden Mylk

Well rounded is the best way to describe the Golden Mylk. It isn’t overly sweet but could still be passed as a frufru boba-Esque milk tea. It still has a fair bit of sweetness to it––the coconut milk base carries some of its own sugar, and it uses raw honey. However, I wouldn’t consider it a desert. It’s the middle of the road, you could say––not a gutshot, but also not like the Golden Goddess.

Both the Golden Mylk and Golden Goddess use turmeric paste. Known for being an effective anti-inflammatory agent, it’s the main flavoring in the drink. As such, it’s beneficial towards one’s heart health and preventative to most sicknesses. To round out the intense flavor, both drinks utilize ginger and vanilla to balance everything out.

The place for healthy mocktails in Vermont

Don’t just look at SuperFresh! as just a one-trick pony. Though they are well-known for their drinks, they offer a wide range of exquisite vegan dishes––for example, their potato frittata plate shown above.

It’s important to Jessica that she’s able to provide anything someone with dietary restrictions would need when they visit Brattleboro. According to her, many people only eat at her restaurant when they come over since there are so few options in town.

Every single item on the menu is vegan and gluten-free. But just by taste, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Even many vegan-only restaurants struggle with these restrictions, but Jessica and her crew have perfected their craft.

With friendly staff and great food, there’s no reason to pass up this golden opportunity.